YouTube cooking videos

I have journeyed into making YouTube videos, so you can see how easy some of these recipes can be to make! I am trying to film as many videos as possible, while still keeping blog posts consistent and the quality high.

Candy Corn Cookies

Want another way to use up that Halloween candy? Try these candy corn cookies, where the candy melts into the cookie while baking. Whether you love the classic candy or not, you should give this a shot - the candy corn transforms its flavor during the process!


If you're an Ohioan, you know of the classic Buckeye. I don't know too many states that have their own designated dessert, but this one is ours. Click the video to see how easy it is to make the treat at home.

Beer Cheese Dip

If you're heading to a Game Day party, grab this dip! It includes all of the essentials for watching a sports event - Cheese, beer and pretzels (and more cheese)! This dip can be made the night before the big game, and you don't even have to turn on the oven. Go team!